Hey there. Im so excited to open my new blog . This is a dream come true . Hope that my followers will be as excited as i am when checking out my stuff.


For the past few months, i kept on hearing people talking about this movie. Even in all social media sites, it seemed like it was stalking me to tell me ” please watch me”. Lol, I’m not mad or anything.  

After watching it, I dont know why but this movie touched me to the core. 

I love the way it’s talking about real issues, unlike other silly predictable romance movies which I’m guilty o watching

It shows how someone’s actions and words can affect someone to the point of comitting suicide. This is also about bullying in schools

Therefore, we need to be careful with our actions and words, knowing that no matter how strong the victim is, they are still human and are affected. 

Apart from that, have you seen the guys from that movie, omg, they are super cute😍😍😍. From Justin to Zac to Marcus. Jensen is also kinda cute plus Bryce whom I dislike most in the movie 

Have you watched the movie, tell me what yo think about it


Do you sometimes hear someone talking about a miracle, then you are like, “Are you sure you aren’t exaggerating the situation” or “that’s not really a miracle”. Hope you don’t say the same about this one. 

To you it may be minor, but to me, it was shocking and amazing and mind blowing and so many things that I can’t explain. So now let me tell you how it went down

So I have this phone model “Tecno Y6”. When I bought it, which was almost three years ago, it eats super awesome. But now it’s old

So now, it decided one day that I shouldn’t listen to music anymore and the way im a music addict. I’m one of those people whom you meet wearing earphones everywhere. Lol

Back to the story, therefore i decided to take it for repair and this guy told me it couldn’t be repaired more than the way he had since it was still disconnecting. Imagine i still had to pay him. Shocker! 

So i decided to take it to another guy whom I  knew had repaired phones for a  few people i knew. When I took it, he told e nothing could be done and the alternative was buying a new  phone. He even refused to be paid saying he hadn’t done anything to it

So then I gave up and decided the only option was to save up and buy a new one. 

I had also realized that my prayer life was  diminishing. Thus I decided to work on it. 

When talking to God, I told Him that I knew about my prayer life and that you excuse was that my phone didn’t allow me to listen to music since i used to listen to Worship songs before praying. 

After praying, a voice in my head which i now know was God, told me to test my phone if it would work with earphones. 

Imagine it was working! !!! 

I couldn’t believe it. I went to school that day expecting it to stop working any moment  and I’m still shocked everytime to remember that and it’s almost a month ago

If He can listen to a simple prayer like that a decide to answer, what about your problem.? Tell Him everything you want want and believe it, as long as it’s according to His will, He’ll answer. 



The main thing why i love long coats is that it gives you the chance to complement a look. It gives you a reason to wear a tight dress and skirt and still look classy since it hides your butt making it kinda decent if you are the consevartive type

Another way to wear sleeveless coats is with jeans or jeggings or leggings

Neutral colour ones are most liked since it gives you a chance to wear with anything without limiting

You can also have a bright coloured one to make the look stand out

Hope it has helped. Mel


Hey, so there is new trend of sleeveless coats. It’s for those hot days where you want to wear a coat and not feel the heat

It could also be to show off your pretty arms 😉
One way of wearing the coats is using dresses

You can pull it off wit the body con dresses if you are going to events and you don’t want to look indecent