Hey there. Im so excited to open my new blog . This is a dream come true . Hope that my followers will be as excited as i am when checking out my stuff.



Hey. So this is a continuation of faux locs the braiding edition. 

Most people don’t like braiding them coz it’s really painful and they weaken the hair coz of being pulled when being braided. However, they look better when braided than crocheted. 

They really look good. A tip is that you could use gel on the ends to make it look neat. 

I really should try out this style while it’s still on fashion 

This chic’s makeup is also on point. 


As you can see, she’s applied gel, which makes her hair look neat. It’s a good tip esp when the hair starts getting old.



It’s true. God allows suffering in our lives. He said he will never give us trials beyond our handling, but He didn’t say there won’t be any sufferings. 

In fact, trials and temptations have to be there for us to give more so that we may be mature in the faith and not stay like babies, craving spiritual milk

I really don’t want to type about it coz he has covered it well. Just follow the link



Hey guys, I’ve missed you a lot. I’m sorry I’ve been quiet but I’m now back with a bang😎

I want us to look at a hair trend which has been on in 2017. Faux locks. These are locks which look similar to dreadlocks. 

I want us to have a look at crocheted locs. Crocheting has been an in thing. 

For those who don’t know this chic, she’s called Dynamite chic. She’s in ig and she’s a model plus owner of hair line if I’m not wrong. I really love her style. Check her out. 

I like how she’s styled the locs. Makes them look like braids

I also love this. She’s just let them free and it looks superb

Most people don’t like it when the lines are visible, but for her it shockingly looks good. 

Love this. 

It’s still crocheted. 

Love the colour. It needs a risk taker coz most don’t like bright colors since they can clash with what you are wearing.

Tell me what you think



First of all, let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate these ladies’ makeup. Lol. So pretty. Wish I was that confident in makeup applications. 

As you can see, these locs are thicker and short. They also look good. You could just buy the normal length and cut into two

After cutting into two, after being braided, the ends could be burned so as to prevent them unbraiding themselves 

I also love her makeup. Love the contour lipstick.

Which do you now prefer, shorter or longer locs?

❤️ Mel


Hey guys, I know I’ve been kinda mia it now back. As promised, I want to focus on Kenyan celebs to showcase that we also know about style and fashion and we also have slay queens around here. Lol

So let’s have a look at this lady. She’s mostly known as the consultants host of Teen Republic, an entertainment show which comes on Saturdays 11-1pm.

She is also one of the digital marketers of CokeStudio Africa.

I love this bob. It really complements her oval frame

This is a sharper bob which even looks better than the one above.

She’s lucky she doesn’t have a forehead, otherwise for us team forehead, we can’t rock this look. We’ll look like we have shaven heads. Lol.

I also love her in long hair. She looks pretty in this look.

Finally, this is also a long Weave. Love the makeup too.

Tell me what you think.



Hey, so another part of loving and appreciating Kenya is here.


I love our culture. We have 42 tribes, all with their language and culture. Although most of our tribes have disregarded their culture, a few still uphold them, esp Masai.


This is the Maasai tribe. They are mostly nomads.

They introduced the beadwork.

This is common in curio shops esp for tourists.

Another thing I love about Kenya is the language. All tribes have their language but our main national language is Kiswahili and English.



Hey guys. I’ve just realized that I’ve been doing a lot of international talent praising a lot and have forgotten about local talent. So now I’ve decided to do Kenyan talent searching and posting.

Kenya is a beautiful country. I hate it when tourists come to Kenya and just post the worst places here. FYI this country is very beautiful. Not everywhere is a slum. It’s also developed.

The main attraction in Kenya is the Tourism industry. We have so many tourist attractions from national parks to lakes to very nice hotels. In fact we have Hilton hotels, Sarova hotels etc

So many investors have also been coming to our country. Which means it’s an awesome country. We also have many malls for those who think Africa doesn’t even know what a mall is😂😂😂

These are giraffes in a national park

Look at that. Only in africa💜

Such a big elephant. Just come and travel and you’ll see many more.

This is Giraffe Manor in Kenya. So pretty

This is Elephant Orphanage in Kenya

These are flamingos in Lake Naivas ha, Kenya

So adorable. A side of a Lion you can’t see often

This is Mt. Kenya. Look at that scenery

For those who have never been to Kenya, just come. It’s not an expensive country



Hey, so this is an episode of how to rock patterned skater skirt.


Love this look. As you can see, she has applied the principle I had told you in the striped top episode, she has ensured that the top at least is one of the colours in the skirt.

Another way of rocking a patterned skirt is by wearing a black top. Which never goes wrong.

This is also the same principle as above.

You can also rock a patterned skirt with a neutral top like white.



Hey. So this is an episode on how to rock coloured skater skirts.

For a bold person, you can rock a coloured skirt with a coloured top. In this instance, Tay has rocked a glittering skater skirt with a pink top and white sneakers.

I love this look. So you can also rock a coloured skater with a striped top. However, it’s mostly recommended for the top to have atleast stripes of the colour of the skirt so as not to look mismatched.

For a safer look, you can rock a coloured skater skirt with a black top since you can never go wrong with black.

This is just another instance of rocking a coloured skater with a black top.

Tell me what you think.



Hey. If you ain’t a fan of dull colours like me, you can pair the black skater skirt with a coloured top.

Love the way it makes her look like a grown up. I’m not saying she’s not one, she just looks older than she really is. This you can wear to your in-laws to look mature. Lol.

Love the chambray shirt and black skater skirt. I’ve seen many rock this look and it’s hard to go wrong with this combination.