This is a continuation of Jessie’s hair.

Love this hair colour, plus the makeup. She really loves rocking chockers

It’s the same hair colour

This looks like carrot colour😂 but I don’t mind it

Now this is my fave look. Love the purple colour. So unique and fresh and hot. It even makes her eyes pop.

Would you try rocking any colour? Hit me up.




Hey, so this is for Jessie. She’s really into long hair styles

I don’t like this look on her. It makes her dull. Don’t you agree?

I hear her real hair is this curly. I’m assuming this is her real hair. I’m into it.

I don’t know why but those freckles look cute. I also don’t mind the hair colour though it’s not one of my favorites

This is the same look and even day

Love the short hair on her especially coz she rarely has short hair.

Tell me what you think



Here is part 2 of this hair colour.

Love this honey blond hair cut into a bob. Can you see the purple eye shadow

I don’t know why but I really love this pic. Love the way it blends with the environment. And the shades😍.

That shade is too dull for my liking. But for her, it looks good, though it would be better

Love this blond colour in highlights. And the cat eye and the nude lipstick

It seems that it’s the same hair colour as above and lip shade

Love this platinum blond hair colour. And the eye makeup😍

This pic is from the video “hair”. She really rocked the hair colour

I really do love everything. The hair, the lip shade, the cat eye, the eye shadow 💜

This look is so simple. Love the cat eye and the side hair



Hey, so we are onto another member of the band. Jade . Their stylists are super awesome coz hey change their hair colours frequently.


This was her original hair colour when she joined Little Mix. Golden brown.

It’s also the same hair colour with the ends dyed honey blond.

As you can see, it’s still the same colour.

Love the pose here. She looks so pretty and seductive. And the eye makeup and lip colour😍

Love this honey blond colour

This colour is so awesome.

Love the waves of this hair and also the colour

I don’t think this shade complimented her. For me, the shade is too dark for her.

Now this is my favorite shade. Love the greens and blues.



Hey, so this is a continuation of Perrie’s hair colour inspiration. In this episode, you’ll see her more with long hair

So in this pic, she went for highlights in her natural hair colour. I really not a fan on straight hair on her.

I love this look, she looks very adorable. Like a doll. Love the wavy hair

She really loves matte lipsticks. Love the lip shade but the straight hair…. Umm

She also love dark eye liners and lots of eye makeup which makes her smile pop or sometimes fade a little

She rally oentloolieheslef her, love the small waves on her hair

This pic is from the video “shout out to my ex”. If you haven’t seen it you have to, their voices esp as it ends are so synchronized that it’s unbelievable. I always repeat that part.

Finally, love this look. Her hair is the longest in this pic and she still looks amazing.

Conclusion, Perrie can rock long or short hair and can also rock blond hair. I’m not sure about dark hair coz I’ve never seen her in it.

Hope this episode has given you ideas.



Hey guys, as you can tell, I’m such a fan of Little Mix. Now I just want us to look at their hair transformations. Maybe they’ll give you ideas on the colour to dye your hair. Personally, I’ve died mine maroon coz it’s my fave.

Let’s start with Perrie.

This was her first hair transformation. She dyed the ends pink. Think every girl always goes through a phase where her face colour is pink until you grow up and start realizing there are other amazing colours

This is the same phase for her though it seems she has added the pink hair extensions behind.

Same to this. Though I this picture she doesn’t look like herself.

As you can tell, this is another shade of pink, a more neutral one like baby pink. I love this look on her. It doesn’t make her look kiddish

I think I always find that she always looks good as a platinum blond. The hair colour makes her eyes pop out more and I 😍it.

This is the same hair colour. Love the Bob which has been a trend since last year. Seems her original hair colour is blackish

I also love this long Bob. She really looks good.

The hat adds style to the hair

This colour is amazing. It’s still the same blonde colour. I love the length and the waves it has

This pic is where you can see her original hair colour well. She really is pretty without makeup

The hair colour and the lip shade just match.



If there’s something that attracts me to clothes when shopping, is a collar. I love collared shirts or even dresses

Let’s have a look at a few of them.

I love how classy this look looks. The shades and hat makes it pop more. The socks make the outfit look decent. It also shocking how the fact that too much black is not affecting me

This dress has blings. And she’s matched the collar with the shows.

I also love this outfit. Though this chic looks like a kid

For you to wear the straight collared dress, it’s amazing for those withsmall and high waists and also hips.

Tell me what you think



Hey, happy new month to you all. Hope this month will be full of God’s blessings.

So let’s look at her final episode of rocking shorts and skirts.

As I had mentioned before, wearing knee high socks makes things look more decent. Look at this outfit as you can see.


It seems that in every shorts outfit she has to wear the socks

She also loves rocking with crop tops.

This is a very pretty romper which I had discussed in another article.

Finally, here’s a skirt outfit. These lace skirts have been in season for a while now.



So now these are dress outfits. Let’s take a look at them.

Love this outfit. The dress plus knee high socks. These kind of socks are awesome when you want to wear short clothes but you don’t want to expose your legs too much. Or when it’s chilly and you want rock something short.

This look makes her look very mature. This Aztec print is very pretty

This is a Gothic look . Everything is very dark😂

That taboo on her thigh looks like a chain.

There was a time this was a trend

I think is is by far my favorite look. Love the high low dress plus the Gothic bracelets.