There’s one thing which I never understand, why do people going to golf have to wear white? Is it just a look or is there a reason like maybe for easier visibility

Anyway, I always love white jeans, there’s something sophisticated with white. 

Love the blue and white. So hot


I’ve always been a fan of denim. Like so many things these days, it can go well with so many things from cute t-shirts to blouses and even dress tops. 

You can also wear with blazers ad a camisole or tank inside

A black blazer is a nice way to style up especially for those who aren’t risk takers in bright colours

This outfit oooks very professional yet casual. You can go to work ad still go to out in it. So its a good one for fridays

You can also rock denim with a floral blazer like Jessica Alba in this pic

I loveghe way this look is way to achieve yet stylish. Its a very casual look

You can also rock a bright colured blazer with denim

Finally, you can use a brown blazer with denim


If there’s a must in every lady’s wardrobe, its a black jeans. The good thing is that it goes with everything with no complication.

 If you love bright colours but you wldpnt want to overdo it, you just wear a bright top plus accessories and a black jean

If you don’t like bright colours and are  into nudes, this is the look to go with

If you are into the classy gothic looks or are just into blacks, don’t worry, the outfit can still rock and look cool

I’ve always loved stripes. Black stripes on black never disappoints


Hey, so there is another way to rock a blazer ie with dresses. This is a good look for those who are reserved since you are able to hide your goodies with the blazer thus not indecent

I love this look aaaaaaa loooot 😍. From the hair to the knee high boots to the dress. Such a classy look

This is a good way to layer clothes. Its such a bright look for the bright coloured peeps like meme

I’m always addicted to collared dresses. Its so formal yet casual and hot. This look is easy to pull off


Hey, if there’s a staple in a lady’s fashion, it has to be a blazer. Especially a neutral colour. 

There are various ways of rocking a blazer from with shorts to skirts to trousers and  to dresses

Today I’ll discuss on how to rock with shorts

For you to pul this off, you have to have a lot of confidence and you must be a fashionista and a risk taker in fashion

Yours truly 



Rubbers are the new trend from last year and it seems it ain’t going anywhere. Rubbers is a slang in our country meaning these kind of shoes. 

Love the way these days you can pull off rubbers with even skirts and dresses


What is a sneaker wedge? It is a sneaker which has a wedge. A wedge is a form of a heel which is more blunt  and thick

These types of sneakers can be worn with any type of clothing from jeans to dresses

However, the dresses have to be kinda short. If the dress or skirt is maxi like, you’ll look overdressed and ludicrous 

The white sneakers are super cute 😍😍

Which is your fave? 


One main characteristic of these sneakers is the very thck sole. This makes it unique

To some, they don’t like it coz of the sole. 

Its a very pretty shoe with the material looking like velvet

You can wear with anything especially jeans


If there is one type of sneaker that I’ve been salivating over, it must be the ADIDAS sneaker

The make is so pretty. 

It mostly goes well with jeans or jeggings or tights

They are of many colours from black to gold to pink to red etc

Which is your fave? I think for me it the white one with black stripes and the gold one since you can wear with any other color