For the past few months, i kept on hearing people talking about this movie. Even in all social media sites, it seemed like it was stalking me to tell me ” please watch me”. Lol, I’m not mad or anything.  

After watching it, I dont know why but this movie touched me to the core. 

I love the way it’s talking about real issues, unlike other silly predictable romance movies which I’m guilty o watching

It shows how someone’s actions and words can affect someone to the point of comitting suicide. This is also about bullying in schools

Therefore, we need to be careful with our actions and words, knowing that no matter how strong the victim is, they are still human and are affected. 

Apart from that, have you seen the guys from that movie, omg, they are super cute😍😍😍. From Justin to Zac to Marcus. Jensen is also kinda cute plus Bryce whom I dislike most in the movie 

Have you watched the movie, tell me what yo think about it


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