Have you ever been too busy to care for your nails that you just apply layer after layer of cutex without even removing the previous one or even applying base coat? 

That was dilemma this semester. This sem was too hectic that i didn’t have time for being too girlish. So i was always remembering my nails only when I was to wear sandals. 

So i would just apply another layer. 

And after the sem was over, i realized I’ve destroyed my nails. But the good thing is i know the way to renurture them. 


  • Nail lacquer remover
  • Nail file
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • The cutex you want to apply
  • Nail brush

So now, here is the procedure:

Scrub your nails using the nail brush

Use a nail file and file your nail to remove the yellowish layer

My nail file has 2 sections. So i first used the  rough section and filed all the nails. Then i used the smooth section to smoothen the nails

After that, wipe the nails and apply a coat of colorless basecoat. After it has dried, apply another layer of the base coat

(Don’t mind them. They need some love. Lol)

After that,  apply the cutex you want. After its dried, apply another layer. You can also apply another layer if you want it to be very dark

Then finally, apply colourless topcoat or glittered topcoat. 

You are now good to go


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