Has someone ever told you, “i wish i could be like you” or “i wish i could have a body like yours”

That’s one statement I’ll never be able to get used to. Its not because. Im bragging or that i have a perfect body. Lol

Its because the same way they tell me that,  is the same way i tell  person

As ladies, we never appreciate the way we are fully. When skinny,  we want to add more weight. When full size,  we want to be skinny. 

I’ve often wondered why people want to be skinny while I’ve tried countless times to add weight to no avail. 

And when i tell my friends,  they always tell me to appreciate myself coz i look good when slim and that one day after adding weight,  I’ll be crying out to God o help me go back to the way i used to be

And i always laugh at that. 

But I’ve still never stopped wishing to add weight no matter what.

Who is with me on this….

Xoxo Mel


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