Self esteem is something most people experience but are always ashamed to say it. 

It is not loving yourself for who you are

Mostly, people compare themselves with others based on todays standards like having a figure,  being a lightskin, flat tummy etc

Every lady has insecurities since no one is perfect. But if you focus on your insecurity, you’ll never be happy

Its not as simple as it sounds. Its not easy loving yourself if you hold your insecurity highly. 

Insecurities hinder you from many things. For instance, if you don’t like how slim you are,  you won’t be able to be confident . also you will limit yourself to the dressing since you are self-conscious and you try to avoid wearing clothes that make you look slim. 

We can handle other issues in the next post. 

Please comment if you want us to continue talking about it

Love XOXO :Mel


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